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  • Printable Leprechaun Coloring Pages

    Printable Leprechaun Coloring Pages

    Children love believing in the supernatural, weird characters and thus eagerly look forward to storytelling.  Now, Leprechaun, a kind of fairy found in Irish folklore, sports a small beard, a coat and a hat. They pass their time mending shoes and if caught, grants three wishes. Sounds interesting? Well, you may use the concept in…

  • Printable Emo Coloring Pages

    Printable Emo Coloring Pages

    Emo represents a rock music style that is characterized by the inclusion of confessional lyrics. Besides music,  it also refers to a particular relationship between an artist and a fan and significantly, a behavioral pattern that is marked by sensitivity and intense emotion. Now, even if your child has not come across the term, you…

  • Printable Music Note Coloring Pages

    Printable Music Note Coloring Pages

    Music notes are basically used for the composition of music. These notes denote the duration and pitch of a sound, used by musicians for a symphony or composing songs. It determines the rhythm, flow, and tempo of the composition. The sheets of music notes are particularly useful while playing musical instruments. For the little music…

  • Printable Mustang Coloring Pages

    Printable Mustang Coloring Pages

    Mustang is an American muscle car. Built by Ford, the logo of a horse on the grill symbolizes the combination of power and speed. Right from its debut in 1964, this car is a hot favorite of automobile lovers worldwide. The name Mustang is given by its designer Jhon Najjar who was a big fan of…

  • Printable Bugatti Coloring Pages

    Printable Bugatti Coloring Pages

    The Bugatti is a fashionable sports car named after French car manufacturer, Ettore Bugatti. Now, children, mostly boys have a fascination for stylish vehicles, especially cars and usually possess an enormous collection. Keeping this in mind, you may use the concept in doing something creative and constructive.

  • Printable Pinkalicious Coloring Pages

    Printable Pinkalicious Coloring Pages

    The series of books, Pinkalicious, written by Victoria Kann, depicts a little girl, who loves objects of pink color. Now, even if your kid has not read it, you may use a simple method of introducing the story to her so that even before reading the stories, she has an idea about it. Go on…

  • Printable Lamborghini Coloring Pages

    Printable Lamborghini Coloring Pages

    Lamborghini sports cars known for its sheer power and speed definitely do not need an introduction. This Italian-built supercar is the most desired worldwide. If your kid has a Lamborghini toy car in his collection then it will be a thrilling experience for him to color a creative painting of this car. So let’s go…

  • Printable John Deere Coloring Pages

    Printable John Deere Coloring Pages

    Printable John Deere Coloring Pages We are all aware of John Deere which is a tractor manufacturing company and other agricultural equipment.  Tractors are very useful for the farmers as it helps to plough their fields very easily. The toy tractors look very cute with most kids being tempted to keep one in their collectibles.…

  • Printable Shamrock Coloring Pages

    Printable Shamrock Coloring Pages

    A shamrock, a stem with three leaves has a long history. Besides symbolizing many things, it acted as a sacred plant to the Druids of Ireland as it’s leaves were in the shape of a triad and in Celtic religion, three was a mystical number. Apart from having such an interesting background, it can be…

  • Printable Hot Rod Coloring Pages

    Printable Hot Rod Coloring Pages

    These old American cars with modified engines can be a perfect drawing theme for your kid. Wondering how? Well, most children have a fascination for vehicles and love playing with them for hours. So, why not use this interest in doing something constructive and creative?

  • Printable Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages

    Printable Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages

    This is something that irrespective of age, most would like to try at least if they ever get a chance and if conditions permit. Yes, it ‘s the amazing experience of traveling in a Hot Air Balloon! Children love asking questions about them, for, habituated to seeing vehicles on the road and airplanes in the sky, this…

  • Printable Money Coloring Pages

    Printable Money Coloring Pages

    This is something that almost every adult wants. And kids? They start developing a desire to have money once they understand that with their help they can buy whatever they wish. But it’s also important to remember and to pass on that money should be used judiciously. So if you want to make your child…