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  • Printable Nativity Scene Coloring Pages

    Printable Nativity Scene Coloring Pages

    This is something really beautiful, the Nativity Scene that refers to the depiction of the birth of Jesus. We all know how the birth of baby Jesus was announced by the angels and how he too birth in a stable. Children being curious at times want to know more of this amazing story. Now, there’s…

  • Printable Mandalas Coloring Pages

    Printable Mandalas Coloring Pages

    The spiritual symbol of a Mandala representing the universe can be an interesting subject to paint especially as so many designs are present. The term appears in the Rigveda as well as in Buddhist philosophies. You may get hold of these coloring sheets and help your kid in painting these beautiful Mandalas.

  • Printable Cross Coloring Pages

    Printable Cross Coloring Pages

    The cross symbolizing Christianity has had various interpretations with the passage of time. Contemporary belief regards a cross as representing Christ’s triumph over death since it is believed that he resurrected after crucifixion. Well, you may try explaining the importance of this symbol to your kid in a light manner. How?

  • Printable Peace Sign Coloring Pages

    Printable Peace Sign Coloring Pages

    With so much violence going on everywhere, one needs to affirm the significance of keeping such symbols as the Peace Sign that stands against the usage of nuclear weapons. In fact, we need to make our kids familiar with it so that they understand it’s importance and the fact that violence in any form is…

  • Printable Moses Coloring Pages

    Printable Moses Coloring Pages

    Your kid might have seen movies on the ancient religious figure, Moses but not been able to grasp the content depicted. Now, it is important for us to help our kids in increasing their knowledge about such characters. But, simple narration hardly captures a child’s attention these days. So rather than seeking the assistance of…

  • Printable Angel Coloring Pages

    Printable Angel Coloring Pages

    Children generally get fascinated by stories of angels and try imagining them in various forms. They also look forward to stories that narrate the presence of these heavenly creatures and often depict them as having wings. Now, you can use this interest into something constructive. How? Get hold of these coloring sheets that are full…

  • Printable Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

    Printable Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

    The Bible is full of fascinating tales of the origin of human and Christ. But children nowadays hardly have time to listen to the long narration of simple and moralistic stories. They prefer action. Now, you can help them to know these invaluable tales with the aid of coloring sheets.

  • Printable Jesus Coloring Pages

    Printable Jesus Coloring Pages

    There is perhaps no better way to get your child know Jesus than with the help of these coloring sheets. You may be curious to ask why. Well, narrating a story or seeing a show on Jesus would only involve the child objectively; whereas coloring the sheets would mean maximum participation from your child. And…

  • Printable Bible Coloring Pages

    Printable Bible Coloring Pages

    The Bible is the holy book of Christianity and Judaism. The following easily printable coloring pages, featuring show various images of bible , are a nice way to make your child aware of spirituality and religion.