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  • Printable Thor Coloring Pages

    Printable Thor Coloring Pages

    Who does not know the famous hammer-wielding superhero, Thor, of marvel comic? After hearing and watching his heroic deeds, kids now have a chance to color their favorite superhero in the following coloring pages.

  • Printable Batgirl Coloring Pages

    Printable Batgirl Coloring Pages

    Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, is a fictional character, a superheroine, created by Carmine Infantino and Gardner Fox for DC comics. The character was first created as lady counterparts to Batman.

  • Printable Pink Panther Coloring Pages

    Printable Pink Panther Coloring Pages

    Pink Panther, first released in the year 1963, is a series of comedy movies. The Pink Panther, in the movies, is a diamond – but, when viewed from a close proximity, it resembles a leaping panther. The popularity of the character spawned into television cartoons, comic book and theatrical shorts.

  • Printable Garfield Coloring Pages

    Printable Garfield Coloring Pages

    Garfield, created by Jim Davis, is the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world. This comic strip mainly deals with the life of Garfield, a cat, and his owner Jon Arbuckle. Garfield is a lazy cat who loves to eat. This comic strip is popular for Garfield’s witty comments.