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  • Printable Starfish Coloring Pages

    Printable Starfish Coloring Pages

    This is one fascinating creature that your kid would simply love to paint. A starfish. Actually, it isn’t a fish as it does not have any gills or fins as other fishes. Moreover, they move with the help of tiny tube feet! Interesting? Well, your child would find the activity of coloring these fishes engrossing…

  • Printable Crocodile Coloring Pages

    Printable Crocodile Coloring Pages

    Most children are afraid of this aquatic mammal, the Crocodile. Remember the movie where it gobbled up a full grown man in one gulp? Even if you don’t, children get both excited and fearful of seeing or hearing such things. Now, you may readily use this interest that your kid has in doing something really…

  • Printable Sea Turtle Coloring Page

    Printable Sea Turtle Coloring Page

    Want to know more about these ancient marine creatures that claim to have been on earth since the time of the dinosaurs? Well, then get hold of these coloring sheets that are full of these sea creatures, sea turtles. There are so many fascinating facts about them that if you narrate them to your kid…

  • Printable Wolves Coloring Pages

    Printable Wolves Coloring Pages

    Wolves are frightening beasts to most children. Remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood, where the wolf assumes the shape of the little girl’s grandmother to eat her up? Well, even though kids fear this deadly animal, yet they remain curious to know about them. Now, you may conveniently use this fact in doing…

  • Printable Rabbit Coloring Pages

    Printable Rabbit Coloring Pages

    Among the different domestic animals that a child is made to learn during the initial years of school, a rabbit is mostly present, and children also come to know about this harmless, carrot munching animal by reading tales. Now, you may get these coloring sheets that are full of different pictures of rabbits to make…

  • Printable Shark Coloring Pages

    Printable Shark Coloring Pages

    Children generally are scared of sharks and yet they love to hear about them. It is interesting to note that sharks are a type of fish that do not have any bone and may even be found in lakes! They also claim to have a long history, having existed long before the dinosaurs! Now if you…

  • Printable Cheetah Coloring Pages

    Printable Cheetah Coloring Pages

    A cheetah is best known for its ability to run fast and catch its prey. In fact, they can run at the rate of 70mph, which is the speed cars normally have when they drive on highways! These interesting facts are bound to attract your inquisitive kid. Moreover, who can resist their royal appearance?

  • Printable Seahorse Coloring Pages

    Printable Seahorse Coloring Pages

    Ever attempted to make your child see these unique shaped marine creatures that breathe using gills and possess a swim bladder? Its the sea horse of course and if you ever happen to make your child see them either on television or in a book, note the sparkle in his eyes. Now, you may use this…

  • Printable Horse Coloring Pages

    Printable Horse Coloring Pages

    Must have read the fantastic story “Black Beauty” that narrates the adventurous life of a beautiful, black horse? Well, we all have a liking for these mammals that stand erect and strong. A horse is also known for its swiftness and speed and has been a companion of men since ancient times. Sadly, children receive…

  • Printable Cat Coloring Pages

    Printable Cat Coloring Pages

    Children are mostly familiar with this animal with, and it comes in different colors like brown, black and gray. So trying to get your little one interested in coloring a cute cat smiling towards a flying butterfly or a stylish one with a penetrating gaze would not be that difficult. There is even one that…

  • Printable Animal Coloring Pages

    Printable Animal Coloring Pages

    Children generally have an undying interest in knowing and seeing animals. Many kids love having a dog as a pet. And don’t we take our kids to the zoo on weekends so that their eagerness is satisfied and the day is spent well? But before going to the zoo, you may sure introduce your kid…

  • Printable Sheep Coloring Pages

    Printable Sheep Coloring Pages

    “Baba black sheep, have you any wool?” This is one of the nursery rhymes that we all have learned in childhood and can seldom forget. It tells us about an animal, sheep and the fact that its wool can be used for different purposes. Toddlers who go to play schools often are made to learn…