Printable Nature Coloring Pages

A famous poem by W.H.Davies says,” A poor life this if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” Indeed if our life is bereft of the opportunity of enjoying a dazzling day or sinking in the pleasure of a cloudless starry sky, we would perhaps be having a vegetable like survival, a routine affair involving daily duties. We also need to be aware of the need of transferring this consciousness about nature to our next generation. But how can this be possible in this concrete world of big buildings?

We can give them these coloring sheets that come with a wide variety of pictures of nature such as trees, rivers, and hills. Let your child color these various aspects of life. As he/she puts in color, tell them about the value of these natural elements and how they are rapidly declining due to man’s greed. Help your child to select the appropriate colors for the mountains, the sun, and the lush greenery. Enjoy the activity with your child.

Nature Coloring Sheets






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