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  • Printable Snow White Coloring Pages

    Printable Snow White Coloring Pages

    “Snow White,” the tale of the beautiful princess who has to bear the crafty ministration of the wicked queen is a favorite story among kids. Most grow up listening to the deeds of the friendly dwarfs and the way they save the poor princess. Now, you may surely use this interest your kid has in…

  • Printable Aladdin Coloring Pages

    Printable Aladdin Coloring Pages

    Who does not know the famous story of Aladdin and his magical adventures? No wonder parents look for Aladdin coloring pages because of their children’s huge fascination for it. Surely the drawings over here will take children into the flashback of this amazing fairy-tale.

  • Printable Pinocchio Coloring Pages

    Printable Pinocchio Coloring Pages

    Who has not heard the famous story of Pinoccio, whose peculiar nose lengthens with every lie he utters. He is a fictional character, created by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Here kids can see the different sizes of Pinocchio’s nose in the following images.

  • Printable Grinch Coloring Pages

    Printable Grinch Coloring Pages

    Who does not know the famous fictional character, Grinch, who appeared for the first time in the children’s storybook “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”. Despite his anti-festive spirit, kids love this character for his funny actions. Here is a collection of some pictures of the Grinch, which will surely amuse the children.

  • Printable Lorax Coloring Pages

    Printable Lorax Coloring Pages

    The character of Lorax from Dr. Seuss’ book “The Lorax” has amazed the whole world with his funny attributes. He takes care of the Truffula Trees Forest and also the main character of the book. A film with the same name has also been made in 2012, which has made the characters more popular.

  • Printable Wolverine Coloring Pages

    Printable Wolverine Coloring Pages

    The popular Marvel Comics superhero, Wolverine, also known as Logan, is a fictional mutant character, created by writer Len Wein and Marvel art director John Romita, Sr in 1974. With his long retractable claws and rapid healing powers, the character is well known among children.

  • Printable Captain America Coloring Pages

    Printable Captain America Coloring Pages

    The Captain America coloring pages are receiving special attention since the huge success of the latest Captain America film. Here kids have another chance to look at their favorite Marvel superhero through the following coloring pages.

  • Printable Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

    Printable Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

    “The Little Mermaid” is a popular animated film and a television series of Walt Disney production that centers on the adventures of Ariel, the beautiful daughter of the Sea-King Triton.

  • Printable Pegasus Coloring Pages

    Printable Pegasus Coloring Pages

    Children are fond of fairy-tales, and the following free coloring pages, featuring the mythical horse-god, Pegasus, will definitely attract attention from kids. Sired by Poseidon, he is the brother of Chrysaor. With these free images children now have the opportunity to have a closer look to this fabled character.

  • Printable Harry Potter Coloring Pages

    Printable Harry Potter Coloring Pages

    Harry Potter, written by JK Rowling, is a series of fantasy novels. Along with Harry, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley are also the main characters of this popular book and film series. Since the release of the first book, the whole series saw positive critical acclaim and commercial success across the world.

  • Printable Yugioh Coloring Pages

    Printable Yugioh Coloring Pages

    Yu-Gi-Oh! is a popular Japanese manga series regarding gaming. It is written by Kazuki Takahashi. This manga series deals with the story of a timid young boy named Yugi Mutou. From 30th September, 1996, to 8th March, 2004, Yu-Gi-Oh! was published Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine.

  • Printable Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages

    Printable Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages

    Beauty and the Beast first appeared in 1740 and it was first translated in English in 1957. Over the years, this popular tale has been adapted for stage, prose, television and screen.